What Is an Inbound Call Centre?


Customer service functions such as inbound call centres are primarily responsible for handling phone calls from customers who are seeking assistance. Contrary to outbound call centres, which make calls to clients directly, contact centres process customer contacts from a variety of channels, not just by phone.


The inbound call centre is responsible for answering the calls of customers quickly and providing them with a professional and competent experience no matter what reason they contact them. Customers call inbound call centres for a variety of reasons – placing an order, complaining, asking questions, cancelling a flight reservation, etc.


For an inbound call centre to provide high-quality customer service, the quality of its agents is one of the most critical factors. There is no doubt that the customer service agent represents the business daily. Agents are often the only people a customer ever interacts with from a company.


Therefore, for any company to succeed, they have to ensure that their agents and work environment are of the highest priority. Hiring the right people and training them thoroughly isn’t enough to get the job done.


There are several other factors that inbound call centres should consider, including competent supervision, being surrounded by high-performance teammates, working in a well-maintained facility, having a schedule that is convenient for them, and having access to tools that enable them to provide the service that customers expect, as well as engaging and motivating them.


There are software tools that can help call centre agents succeed in their inbound call centre roles, even if the task sounds like a tall order. Automatic call distributors (ACDs), for example, use intelligent routing logic to ensure that each agent receives only those calls that are suitable for them to handle, including skills and proficiency levels, to ensure agent performance.


When the CRM software is integrated with the phone system, an agent will automatically be presented with a CRM screen when he answers the call on the CRM screen. This will enable them to see the customer history and personalize their interaction with that customer. All of this is done automatically when the CRM software is integrated with the phone system.


As inbound call centre agents can view their performance statistics on an agent dashboard, they are more engaged and feel like they are part of the process. There are several workforce management applications available on the market today. These applications can be useful in making sure agents’ schedules are fair and consistent with their needs, while quality management provides quality control and agent training when required.


Most inbound call centres have found that their agents will take better care of the customer if they take proper care of their agents. Call centres need to use software tools to ensure that agents are set up for success when it comes to inbound calls.


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