Delivering exceptional inbound customer service, requires a requires highly skilled, motivated and talented customer service staff supported by a strong management team. Which is where we come in. At OracleCMS we offer 24-hour, seven day a week Inbound Customer Service solutions.

So why choose OracleCMS to provide your inbound call centre in Brisbane, Sydney, and the rest of Australia?

  • OracleCMS require all staff to undertake specific training to a level deemed necessary to professionally handle functions such as answering services, troubleshooting and facilities management, and sales and afterhours emergency services.
  • We currently provide inbound customer service in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and throughout Australia. Our 450 clients range across various industries including retail, hospitality, medical and mining. We’re in demand.
  • Customer experience has become the key driver for organisations to differentiate themselves in Australia, inbound customer service can add tremendous value to your business or organisation.
  • Competitors may match your price and features, but they’ll struggle to match the unique and premium customer experience provided by the OracleCMS professionals trained to run your inbound call centre in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and beyond.
  • The inbound customer service we provide you will win long term loyalty to your brand and products, improving profitability by reducing costs to acquire and retain customers as well as up-selling them to new products.
  • Our services and solutions, as well as our people and technology, are tried and tested on the following: Crisis and Emergency hotlines, After hours support, Customer service/support/loyalty, and Helpdesks.
  • If you’re looking for efficient inbound customer service in Brisbane, Sydney and the rest of Australia, we’re pleased to provide customers with one single point of contact for all of their service questions across the board.

Outbound and Inbound Customer Service For Every Business


OracleCMS offer Outbound Customer Service tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it be following up on existing leads for you to generate further business or contacting existing customers to gain feedback on the brand and its service, we provide experienced staff, efficiency and guaranteed success.

Additional outbound services include Quality Assurance, Promotional Calls and Nursing.

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