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One of the biggest hurdles that a growing business faces in terms of growth and development is their systems for handling customer service. You either end up sinking a large amount of money into an in-house customer support team that isn’t quite necessary or get stuck wasting precious time dealing with tedious enquiries, when you could otherwise be focused on growth.

At OracleCMS, we understand the desire to get past this hurdle, whilst ensuring that your brand and business are protected. You see, outsourcing this service to a third-party might seem overwhelming and a little risky, but you can rest assured that our agents have your brand image at heart.

Helpdesk IT Support Services – 24/7 Round-the-Clock Solution

By providing your customers round-the-clock, dedicated support from a professional team of highly trained customer service representatives, you will be introducing a new dynamic to your business: high levels of trust. Having real people on stand-by ready to answer any enquiries relating to your products and services can not only boost brand loyalty, but the overall satisfaction levels of your customers. This can only lead to more business!

This is particularly important for international companies that have customers outside of their time-zone. Offering ‘after-hours’ inbound support is a great way to keep your business switched on for everyone, at all times.

We Are an Extension of Your Business

Our agents are highly trained and adaptable. This means that we can slot right in with your existing processes, and even work with you to improve them if necessary. We will work tirelessly beside you to identify any positive changes that can be made in order to boost the overall value and efficiency of your customer support service.

When you outsource with OracleCMS, not only will you have access to a team of dedicated and highly trained individuals, but you do so without having to assemble or manage a team by yourself. This can have significant cost-saving benefits for you, but more importantly, it free’s you up with valuable time. Time that can be focused on other important areas of your business, while we improve helpdesk efficiency, manage greater workloads, and continue to go above and beyond for your customers.

Why Should You Partner with OracleCMS?

Partnering with OracleCMS and offering a 24/7 support service to your customers has many benefits.

Lower Costs

Many people see hiring a third-party customer support service as an expense, when in fact it is an investment. You will have free of the costs associated with employing more staff and training them up to manage your enquiries around the clock.

Shorter Hold Times

An easy way to lose customers is by having them wait on the line for too long. Having a large team of skilled operators at your disposal means that we can process these calls much faster and find a positive revolution every time. This lowers the risk of your customer from jumping ship and heading over to a competitor website.

Our agents can answer calls within 10 seconds (as an average). Once the customer goes through a series of questions or processes that are specified by you during setup (we can offer our expertise with optimising this), our agents will either resolve the issue immediately, or escalate the call if necessary / send an incident report for you to review and respond to.

Effortless Integration

We can integrate with your existing systems with great ease and perfect synchronicity. You don’t have to lift a finger. We can provide transfer from your help desk to our external call centre whenever you close, or demand picks up. Zero hassle; our tailored customer service solutions will improve the overall customer experience.

Exceed Customer Expectations

More and more customers are expecting a higher standard of service and some businesses fail to meet those expectations not out of a lack of desire, but poor infrastructure. Our agents will represent your brand and business with the utmost passion and integrity, exceeding customer expectations and bolstering brand loyalty.

Improve Your Overall Service

Again, it is sometimes difficult to provide the highest standard of service if you are swamped with orders and finding yourself short on time. Let us take care of the tedious and time-consuming necessities, while you focus on what you do best.

Our professional customer service agents will take the time to fully understand your brand and business, including the products and services that you off, and use this information to deliver a superior standard of service on every single phone call.


  • All issues handled and resolved on your behalf
  • Calls will be directed to any relevant parties/department when necessary
  • Urgent calls can be escalated if applicable
  • Our agents can work to as many scripts as you require
  • We offer either a complete helpdesk service, or an extension of your existing setup

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If you like what you hear and would love to work with a dedicated team of professionals to help lighten the load, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. We have a team of friendly representatives ready and waiting on standby to assist you in anyway that they can. We will talk you through the process, answer any questions that you might have, and advise you on the next steps for having your third-party customer service helpdesk set up.

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