Order Taking Services (Entry, Processing, and Fulfilment)

Are you struggling with your current workload and require some professional assistance to help you with taking and processing orders? Are you tired of having to waste precious time on tedious technicalities when instead, you could be spending that time on other valuable areas of your business (i.e., expanding your customer base)? If this sounds like you, then our professional order taking service might just be the solution that you’ve been searching for.

What is an Order Taking Service and How Can Order Taking Services Benefit You?

Order taking services is precisely as it sounds: a service that entails taking orders on your behalf. This service has grown into a vital part of the business process outsourcing industry. The tremendous growth has stemmed from its exponential popularity as more and more business owners recognise the immense value in having the additional support from a third-party.

With 24/7 order taking, you can experience significant growth, particularly if the ordering process with your products or services can be especially complicated. A business process outsourcing company can provide order taking services to free you up from the task and focus on growth instead.

Can You Rely on a Third-Party BPO to Represent Your Business?

OracleCMS are the third-party BPO for you. Our order taking services can help you meet a diverse range of requirements through an improved inbound call centre. Not only that, but our agents are 100% committed to your brand and business and will operate with the highest level of professionalism at all times.

We understand that entrusting your business to a third-party can be scary and a little overwhelming. This is why we go to great lengths to ensure that our partners are entirely satisfied with the way in which our representatives operate.

Should You Outsource Your Order Taking Services?

Not only do we offer inbound order taking services around the clock, but also operate on a real-time web-based system which allows seamless integration. We can keep you up to date with all of the results and important information, relating sales conversions, inquiries, and any other specified details.

In addition to that, our 24-hour live inbound call centre order taking service is directly linked with your contact details, including email and telephone. Thus, you will be able to access all of the relevant customer service elements taken care of by our professional trained agents. Each of the agents that will be representing your brand have an exceptionally high sales conversation ratio; this means that you will not only be free from the tedium or order taking, but those in charge of it will be focused on maximising conversions and upsells.

Professional Order Taking Services

At OracleCMS, we are all about your convenience. Our aim is to free up your valuable time so that you can focus on the more important ‘revenue generating’ aspects of your business. Meanwhile, this allows you to save money on creating your own in-house order taking team and focus that money elsewhere.

Bespoke Order Taking Services

Further to that, our order taking services can be tailored specifically to your business. We can establish a dedicated 24-hour line especially for your customers so that we can deal with the unique enquiries that are most relevant to your products or services. We can also fit around your individual requirements, whether that be supplementing an existing team’s workload with seasonal demand, or simply outsourcing the service entirely. Whatever you need, OracleCMS is at your disposal and we will work with you to find the perfect setup.

An Extension of Your Business

When you partner with OracleCMS for order taking services, our agents become an extension of your business. They are highly trained and focused on representing your business with passion and integrity. We can remove the stress and barriers of sales processing and make it significantly easier for the customer to order your products or services. In addition to that, we can train our agents in cross-selling or upselling your various other products as well.
Additionally, if you are an E-Commerce business with an online order taking facility, we can integrate with your systems seamlessly. Thus, if a customer seems to be having issues ordering online or would prefer to speak to an operator directly for more information, our qualified handlers will gladly take care of them and continue through the ordering process with ease.

Our agents will learn everything there is to know about your products and services and gladly guide your customers through the process. Here are some other ways in which partnering with OracleCMS can benefit your business:
• Personalised call reporting
• A 24/7 order processing service
• Entirely secured connection
• Inbound call routing with overflow and automated menu selection
• High quality service
• Efficient sales closing with ‘cross and upsell’ capabilities
• Cost-effective handling or large call volumes
• Can handle high volumes of calls regarding various products and services
• Fast turn around
• Build loyalty and trust with your customers
• A painless setup and integration
• Ordering is easier with all relevant contact details logged effectively
• High flexibility
• Professionally trained agents who will always find the best solution
• Your customer contact database will be updated automatically
• Web-based handling allows agents to check stock levels before processing orders
• Advise customers on dispatch and delivery information (if applicable)
• Secure credit card processing for customer safety and convenience
• PCI compliant
• You have full control
• Efficient reporting including order values

Partner with OracleCMS Today

If you are interested in exploring our professional order taking services further, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our friendly representatives will gladly answer any questions that you might have and talk you through the next necessary steps for getting the ball rolling and establishing your 24/7 order taking service as soon as possible.

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