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Over 230 local government authorities are benefiting from our most recent and successfully implemented Management Application, ‘My Council Services’.
This application is utilised as an effective reporting and communication tool.
It’s a mobile application that makes it easy for council customers to:

• Pay rates and animal registrations
• Report all manner of incidents to Council
• Receive rubbish collection reminders
• Locate Council facilities
• Stay up-to-date with the latest Council news and events

The application is compatible with iPhone and Android phones. It integrates seamlessly with Council’s back office systems and automates payment, reporting and coordination functions across numerous departments, which significantly reduces council expenditure.

With the incident reporting function, as soon as a customer submits a report online, the application communicates with your council’s CRM platform. The relevant service delivery team is then automatically alerted via the system.


The use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) during an emergency is a highly effective tool when mass communication is required but human resources are limited.


Using this technology, an IVR can be a force multiplier for an emergency response center, providing more information to more callers in less time. A standard message can be disseminated which can also help eliminate confusing instructions.


OracleCMS provides an emergency IVR service that allows up to a million phone calls to be initiated in a minute, warning residents with a pre-recorded message in regards to fire, storms or any other emergency.


Totally automated emergency messages can be delivered when an emergency response centre is unavailable or not required. Community alerts can be sent with sufficient information provided to call recipients.


The most frequently asked questions could be programmed into the IVR. More complex or specific need requests can be routed to an operator.


Working alone is working anywhere a person is unable to get immediate assistance from colleagues. Their welfare is important and there are legal requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to ensure they are safe with lone worker monitoring.


Duty of care requires councils to supply lone or remote workers with a means to alert for assistance when required.


OracleCMS provides a range of phone based services and applications to help local councils ensure the safety of remote and lone workers. Our services will:

• Improve the safety of lone workers
• Respond quickly to accidents, emergency and sudden illness
• Improve staff satisfaction
• Provide greater peace of mind about the safety of lone workers.


A critical challenge for local government and fire management authorities across Australia is managing fire risk by controlling fuel loads. This often involves intensive resource reporting and enforcement regimen.


FIRE SENTINEL steps up to this challenge by streamlining and automating an number of these functions. In the past, these functions were cumbersome and inefficient. For example, if a council officer was following up an issue of excessive grass and fuel loads on a site, they would have to visit the site and take notes, which included information such as location, time and photographic evidence. Then, they would need to return to the office to either enter the data themselves or pass the information to another staff member for action.


With FIRE SENTINEL, the officer can now issue a report automatically with the use of a phone or tablet. Better still, the officer can use the application with the device’s camera to attach evidence directly into the report. Another efficient feature is the ability to attach location information, such as GPS coordinates, mapping data, time and date, instantly to the report.

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