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OracleCMS understands that at the heart of every business sits a passion and commitment to quality, innovation and excellence, this is the very concept on which OracleCMS is based. Our commitment to the success of your business is second to none and we will do what it takes to assist your business to grow and succeed.


OracleCMS has experienced growth at a rapid and unprecedented rate, and as such the need for us to continue to deliver strong results for our partners is paramount. We are not just a service provider, but an organisation that delivers comprehensive, 360 degree customer service solutions and values.


We have proven extremely successful in managing, developing and implementing multi-tiered solutions, providing not only technology that places our customers at the forefront, but cost savings to the business and overall improvement to the bottom line.


We have a diversity of skills that are put at our customer’s disposal, resulting in excellent business growth for our client’s every time.

Our Mission Statement

At Oracle CMS, our major goal is to help you beat the competition.


OracleCMS is unequivocally committed to providing exceptional customer service and outstanding quality, integration, innovative technology solutions and cost effective, efficient business processes.


At OracleCMS, we are innovative, Individual, Integral and Intellectual and all of these valuable skills are in our client’s arsenal.

We Are Passionate

Contact Centre

There’s a better way to connect with your customers. Delivering exceptional customer experiences, whether it’s via the phone, email, or the web.

Social Media

Creating exceptional customer experiences through social media involves more than just monitoring and responding to customers.


Innovative ways to achieve your service goals and objectives. Understanding what customers want, need and value most is the first step in designing better process.

Big Data

Make better, more informed decisions about your business and customers. Organisations struggle to harness the potential insights from their data. They need the ability to transform great volumes of structured and unstructured data into a single storehouse of information that is ready to be analysed. Learn about our data analytics, brand analysis, business intelligence and market research services.

Software & Web Development

Mobile apps are an increasingly important channel for customer service. Customers want rich and engaging mobile experiences that allow them to manage their relationship with an organisation. We can help engage your customers with an interactive mobile or web app. Learn about our software development, mobile and web design services.

Voice & Telephony

Expand your ability to talk to your customers and give them a great experience. The phone is still an important communication channel for business. The ability to handle incoming customer calls quickly and professionally will greatly impact the reputation of your organisation. Learn about our 1300 / 1800, IVR and voice talent services.

OracleCMS combines the passion of talented people with business innovation and technology to develop industry-specific and cross-industry services and solutions.

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