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You’ll Never Miss Another Important Call with Our Phone Messaging Service

At OracleCMS, we provide a premium phone messaging service—one that can be answered in either a personal name or your business name. Once our operators receive the call, we can then take the message and forward you the relevant information either via Email or an SMS.

A Personalised Service Just the Way You Like it

We are dedicated to providing high-quality solutions that are tailored to fit your unique setup. So, whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we can provide you with an exceptional service that will serve you well. You can use this service in any number of ways:


  • As an alternative to voicemail
  • As a dedicated business call answering service
  • As an after-hours service
  • As an emergency hotline


With a 24/7 phone messaging service, you can also benefit from call overflow and temporary call diversions during the busiest periods of your day-to-day operations.

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Why Choose Us?

We Are Aussie Based

Our operators and call centre locations are based in Australia. With our excellent training coupled with local knowledge, our operators will answer all of your calls as though they were based on-site at your premises. Consider them an extension of your business.


24/7 Call Answering and Support

At OracleCMS, we pride ourselves in being able to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, for your convenience. In other words, your service will always be in operation, even during those important public holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s.


Short or Long Term Solutions

We can cater to you whether you are looking for short term or long-term coverage. Whatever your requirements, our call answering services can be used in a multitude of ways to suit your business needs.

What Are the Most Popular Uses of Our 24/7 Phone Messaging Services?

1 – Call Overflow and Back-Up


You can leverage this handy service to take care of business calls when you are not around to take them and/or when your reception staff are busy and unavailable.

This service comes with a DID landline number, one that you can use to program your PBX or Mobile phone to divert calls to the live answering service automatically. From there, our professional operators will take care of everything else.


2 – After Hours Services


You don’t want to be stuck in your office 24 hours a day. Nor should you have to be available in the evenings to take a phone call. With our after-hours answering service, you can easily divert your office and mobile phones to the answering service during ‘after hours’, enabling instant message notifications of every call without having to be present yourself. Following that, the important calls can be returned first thing in the morning when you get into the office.


3 – Customer Services


Customer service is crucial in business and providing a professional customer service line that can manage enquiries throughout the day without you and your staff having to man the phones indefinitely can give you some amazing benefits.


Focus your valuable time on doing what you do best


Give your customers an amazing experience, even during those busy periods when you can’t make it to the phone


4 – Online Bookings


And of course, all of our OracleCMS answering services can easily be integrated with your appointment booking systems. Our operators will simply answer the call on your behalf, and then enter the bookings directly into your designated system—all without you even having to lift a finger!

What Are the Key Benefits of Our Call Messaging Service?

1 – Calls Answered Under Your Brand


All of the calls that our operators receive will be done so using your business name, or a personal name. Our operators are highly trained and will act as though they are your receptionists.


2 – We Can Use Custom Script


Another great benefit is that we can answer all of the calls using a script of your choosing and all message details will be tailored specifically to your business. You can customise precisely how the operators will answer the phone when representing your business, and the types of questions that they will ask the caller and then relay back to you.


3 – You Are Kept Up-To-Date


You can easily access all of the messages taken by our operators via your mobile phone or an email address. Every single time we take a call on your behalf, you will be sent a notification.


4 – Regular Weekly Reporting


You can even take advantage of our regular weekly reports, thus easing the process of entering all of the relevant data into your CRM system database. These reports can help you effectively track and manage your KPI’s (e.g., the number of enquiries received in a month).

OracleCMS Phone Messaging Service

If you are seeking an affordable solution for personalised customer services without the high costs involved with investing in new resources, then our phone message service is for you.


We can build you a comprehensive phone messaging service that is designed for your business, using real professionals to capture your important calls, politely greet your clients, answer any of their questions, as well as booking in appointments and even process payments!


The best thing about this phone message service is that it is available when you need it, including after hours (24/7 service) or even during business hours when you are too busy to get to the phone.


You can even customise your call answering service scripts and messages, updating them on the fly as and when your business’s needs change and evolve.


We can manage all of your calls or you can simply use it as an overflow; it’s entirely up to you.


Take full advantage of our state of the art technological solutions, all of which are easy for us to integrate into your systems without the steep and unnecessary overhead costs. We can take care of everything for you, from delivering valuable insights into your customer experiences, and the overall effectiveness of any of your most recent advertising campaigns.

What is a Phone Messaging Service?

Simply put, a phone messaging service is a dedicated inbound call centre that serves you in capturing customer calls on your behalf. How we receive and manage those calls is entirely up to you!


We have a large and growing team of expert customer service agents with great local knowledge and a passion for delivering a warm and related customer service experience.


Then, all of the accurate details we log will be forwarded to you via Email or SMS (or both)!


You can use our exceptional phone messaging service, or our virtual receptionists can capture after calls for you as well. We can act as a virtual office on your behalf, capturing the valuable information quickly and efficiently, and then pass the vital information onto you to process appropriately.

phone messaging service

When Should I Utilise a Phone Messaging Service?

When is the best time to use a phone messaging service and is it relevant to your business and current needs right now?


The quick and easy answer is to utilise such a service as soon as you reach a critical customer engagement level. In other words, if you are at a point where you and your employees are busy dealing with high demand and don’t have time to waste on taking calls; that is the time to act!


You don’t want to be in a position where you are missing any phone calls. That one particular call that you didn’t have time to answer could well be a huge ‘ready to spend’ customer who was about to place a large order, and subsequently went on to place it with a rival company.


Don’t take the risk and use a phone messaging service to receive and process every single enquiry that comes through your business.


Your phone messaging service with OracleCMS can be tailored to include some of the following benefits:


Intuitive call routine


Use of customised scripts for brand reinforcement


The ability to answer FAQ’s and provide specific business details


High-quality software with web-based reporting of data and statistics


The reporting tools that we use to measure your calls can also be used to gauge the effectiveness of your latest marketing campaign and advertising strategies. Gain invaluable and in-depth analytics that are both easy to process and understand. Using these insights, you can study the performance and journey of every single customer interaction with your business.


Seamless CRM integration and functionality


Receive calls


Book appointments


Process payments


In addition to that, you can add our phone message service quite easily to any of our other product plans. So, for example:

Choose from any of our virtual phone number options (e.g., 1300 / 1800 numbers).

How Much Does a Phone Messaging Service Cost?

By this point, you are likely wondering: “That’s great and all, but how much is it going to set me back?” The fact is, our phone messaging service, including all of our other services, are designed to be affordable and accessible, whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation. You can choose from several scalable solutions as your business grows and continues to develop.


If you’d like to find out more about our rates and how we can benefit your business, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We’ll talk you through why our rates are impressive and how our services can add so much value to your business!

Phone Messaging Service FAQ’s

Will I be able to change my plan in the future?

Absolutely! All of our plans are highly flexible with excellent customisation options. If you find that you are no longer receiving a high enough call volume to suit your current plan, you can easily move up or down depending on your needs by simply sending us a request.

Can I change my script for call answering?

Indeed. You can change your standard script at any time and no additional cost. As your business grows, we understand how much will change along the way. Simply update your script and send a request.

Can you service me during public holidays?

Of course! We take great pride in the fact that all of our call centre’s operate 24 hours a day, all year young, including all public holidays, for your convenience.

How can I use your service if I have an existing phone system and mobile phone?

The process is relatively straightforward. Once your service is live, you will be given a dedicated DID number, which is attached to your answering service. This DID landline number can then be used for diverting your mobile phone or an existing landline to our answering service whenever required.

Do you outsource the calls?

No. All of our call centre operators are located within Australia. This means that they will be answered within Australia by highly-trained staff with an excellent understanding of local knowledge and the needs of Australian businesses.

What type of information do you collect from the caller?

Our operators are there to pick up any important calls that you might be missing. We will simply collect the customer’s name, their preferred contact number, their email address, and the nature of their enquiry.

What happens after a call is received by your operators?

Once a call has been successfully dealt with, we will then notify you via email and/or SMS for your convenience, giving you the customers information immediately after.

Will you answer my calls on behalf of my business?

Of course. Think of us as an extension of your business. We are your virtual receptionists and when receiving calls on your behalf, our operators will act as though they are a member of your team. In fact, in so many ways, they will be a member of your team.

How long will you keep my customers on the phone?

Call times are kept to a minimum and are typically dealt with in a matter of minutes. We don’t need to waste any time on capturing information that is no good to you. We will take the essential information and relay it to you immediately after.

When can I use this phone messaging service?

We operate 24 hours a day, all year round—including holidays. This means that you can quite simply use this service whenever you need it. We will be here for you, no matter what!

OracleCMS scored: 5/5 from 49 Google Reviews

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