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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems with Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology

Every business experiences customer frustrations during the journey to obtaining the service or product they need. Whether it is completing an order or solving a problem, there are customers who experience frustrations. 


The issue of frustration can often be traced back to an antiquated IVR system.


Our company provides artificial intelligence solutions to clients throughout the world that integrate seamlessly with the client’s existing system. 


Our goal is to reduce your customers’ pain points and improve your contact centre’s efficiency.

Why Use an IVR System With NLP Technology

Contact centre business is driven by customers who have a problem and agents who offer solutions. With our system, these two issues are brought together in the smartest, quickest, and easiest way possible while also ensuring your valued customers have a positive experience throughout.


Using one question such as “How can we assist you today?“, you gain an understanding of why your customer is calling. After advanced speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence software are used to understand the callers’ intent, it can then be directed to the agent who will be most capable of helping.


On your agent’s screen, the caller’s intent is displayed verbatim, so they can take control of the conversation at the beginning by reflecting the caller’s language.


The identity of callers needs to be verified by call centre agents. Most likely this will take more than 45 seconds and will use knowledge-based questions which have limited security. As part of our solution, these questions are asked before a call is handed to an agent, thereby saving them time.


In addition, voice biometrics can be added to the solution to reduce the number of questions required, making the experience faster and less obtrusive for the caller, as well as adding true security to the customer experience. A much better experience for the customer. A much better experience for the agent. A much more secure experience.

Who Needs IVR Systems

The identity of callers needs to be verified by call centre agents. In most cases, this involves knowledge-based questions that are only of limited security and usually take more than 45 seconds to answer. Using our solution, these questions can be asked before the call is connected to a live agent, therefore saving the agent’s time.


In addition, voice biometrics can be added to the solution to reduce the number of questions required. This will make the experience faster and less obtrusive for the caller, as well as add true security to the customer experience. This is better for the caller. Agents will be happier. It will also improve security.

Using Automation To Make The Caller Experience Better

Despite the fact that a live agent can handle the majority of calls at your centre, there will be others that an automated solution can easily handle.


Tiered menus are the traditional way of providing self-service options. Our system gives you literally hundreds of choices, whereas a menu has only a limited number. Taking away the menu encourages callers to engage in the conversation – menus constrain and frustrate them.


Off the shelf self-service options, such as store location or opening hours, can be selected and customized. Apps can be customized from our standard options to fit your business’ needs, and others can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

We Use The Latest Speech Recognition Technology

Think about implementing a system that asks your customers “How can I assist you today?“ and then understands their response so they can be directed to the right resource for their requirements.


We utilize artificial intelligence, speech recognition technology, and a supervised learning environment to provide a seamless contact centre experience for your customers. Our system can be used to replace (or work alongside) your existing IVR menu. 


Because it is a cloud-based solution, it integrates directly into your contact centre platform and can typically be up and running in a matter of days. 


By utilizing a digital interface that is designed specifically for your business and the customers you serve, you are able to customize and manage every aspect of the customer experience without needing any technical expertise.


This system allows your customers to speak as if they were talking to a human Instead of selecting from a menu or putting their query into just a few short words.


Besides understanding the intent of the caller, it will route their question to the most appropriate resource – whether that is a trained agent or a digital self-service option.

The Benefits Of Using an IVR System With NLP Technology

Advanced Speech Recognition


  • Provides a customer-centric experience by applying Google and Amazon technologies to every contact


  • Provides direct supervision of the learning process and allows it to be adjusted as it learns


  • Increases efficiency and customer satisfaction by automating conversations

Complex Call Routing


  • Provides a variety of call routing options and handles a large volume of calls


  • During the call, the customer is given the opportunity to further educate themselves or to request information


  • Automatically rejects calls that don’t require an agent’s intervention. It can do this with standard on-the-fly messaging, digital chat, and self-service options

Ease of Use


  • You can use the dashboard to manage your contact centre operations, build reports, and build reports


  • Your contact centre agent can read the transcription, helping prepare them for the call


  • Provides a SaaS solution that easily integrates with your existing contact centre platform

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