Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

Every business is like a family and just like a normal family, it’s nice to know that everyone you care about is safe and in good health. When it comes to running a business however, you are bound not by blood, but by a legal obligation. Thus, if you have employees that are required to work in isolated and potentially dangerous situations, then you have a duty to ensure that they are in good health.


Lone worker monitoring systems have been developed to ensure that an organisation’s employees who are asked to endure work in remote, isolated, and even hazardous situations are as safe as they can possibly be, 24/7. This also ensures that if in the event of an emergency, you’ll have the best possible chance at being notified sooner, rather than later, thus increasing your workers rate of survival significantly.

How Do Lone Worker Monitoring Systems and Services Work?

The process is simple enough. Our monitoring agents will collect all of the required information by an organisation via SMS, using a unique login ID allocated to the worker before they embark on their assignment. This unique ID creates an alarm in our system reminding us to regularly check-in with the worker whenever the login expires, or if we do not hear from them first.


You see, everybody should be safe at work. Yes, those in more dangerous roles (particularly remote work) know and understand the risks, but that doesn’t mean that they do not have the right to feel safe and accounted for. Lone worker monitoring allows you to protect your people!


These monitoring systems can be fully customised to suit your specific requirements and workflow. A most typical system will send an SMS once a lone worker receives a call-out, asking them to check in once they have completed their task safely. If in the event that they do not reply within the agreed time slot, they will get a call to check on them. Following that, if contact cannot be made, emergency procedures will begin and an attempt to locate and rescue the worker will ensue.

Customised Login Timers

When a lone worker logs in they are given an SMS advising them with the relevant login ID and how long they have to complete a given task. These durations can be customised depending on what your business requires (e.g., from 30 mins to 12 hours).


Extending Timers

Depending on the situation, a lone worker might be required to extend their session. At the point of expiration one of our agents will contact the number where the lone worker can request an extended time slot.


Logging Out

If a remote worker logs out before the session expires, all they need to do is send a simple response to the original SMS message (in the manner advised) and a confirmation of closure will be received.

OracleCMS Will Be Beside Your Workers Wherever They Are (Any Location)

Your lone workers will never be alone, no matter how remote their location. OracleCMS’s lone worker support system will allow them to remain safe and accounted for at all times.


On the Road

It is not uncommon for long-haul drivers to be faced with many hours of travel by themselves. This can either be on difficult terrain, in dangerous weather, or under extreme fatigue due to long hours and tight deadlines. The knowledge that they are expected to check in regularly will keep them alert but also make them feel more comfortable when on their own.


In the Great Outdoors

Even the most professional individual can have an accident. This becomes even more dangerous when they are on their own in a remote location. Managing hazards is part of the job description for those in construction, working with pump stations, or at high-voltage electrical sites; that said, no matter what the situation, your workers should feel safe and accounted for. Again, knowing that they are expected to check in will serve as a constant reminder that they need to stay alert and proceed with caution.


Dangerous Indoor Locations

Working indoors can be equally as dangerous as being outside, depending on the industry. For example, working as a prison guard, or at a remote health facility, or in any other industrialised setting has its risks. Give your workers the confidence of knowing that they have a team of dedicated caretakers watching over them at all times.

Integration and Customisation

Our unique remote worker services are highly customisable depending on your individual requirements. We can contact a number of workers simultaneously and build bespoke call flows and escalation procedures depending on the situation. Our solution-based approach is designed especially for your business!


In addition to that, our system integrates effortlessly with your existing workflows. We have a 24/7 contact centre, state-of-the-art technology, and well-established communication networks. You can have your unique lone worker systems in place in no time!

We’ll Keep You Updated in Real Time

Another great benefit of working with OracleCMS for your lone worker support is the communication. We can keep you updated with all correspondence including monitoring sessions and incident reports. All of this will be time-stamped with special notes and any other relevant information.

Would You Like to Know More About Our Lone Worker Support Services?

We understand that protecting your employees is important to you, so deciding on which lone worker support service to use is a big decision. Thus, we will gladly answer any questions that you have and ensure that you have all of the information that you need before going ahead and making a final decision. Whatever you need, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our friendly team of advisers will happily guide you through the entire process.

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