Virtual Receptionist Australia
Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist Australia

A virtual receptionist ensures that none of your customers’ calls must ever go unanswered. It’s the ideal solution for businesses that are trying to grow their customer support infrastructure without having to hire a number of new employees.


Virtual receptionists receive and filter incoming calls, resolving basic customer needs such as scheduling appointments, directing calls, and providing customer account information. A virtual receptionist can be modified and customised to suit the individual business in a variety of languages and industries. But can a virtual receptionist really bring value to your business? Is it worth your time or would a real-life receptionist be more suitable? Let’s explore some of the benefits and advantages, so that you can decide as to whether or not a virtual receptionist is the right call for you.

Save A Significant Amount Of Money

The average salary for a receptionist in Australia is $53,767, not including any benefits or time off. Now, whilst there are certainly advantages to having a real person screening your phone calls and interacting with your customers, a virtual receptionist in Australia is an incredibly cost-effective alternative.


Certainly, for the more complex issues, you will be required to take the calls, however a virtual receptionist can effortlessly handle the general, routine calls in the meantime.

No Additional Setup Costs

Again, hiring a receptionist will be costly, but there are other expenses involved that you may not have considered as well: setting up a front office/reception area, for example. You’ll have to invest in a desk, chair, computer and office supplies as well. These numbers start to mount up rather quickly. A virtual receptionist comes with no additional setup costs at all. Easy!

24/7 Availability

The best thing about virtual receptionist services is that they never need any sleep! This means that you can continue to receive and deal with customer calls throughout the night. Then, when you come into the office of a morning, you’ll be able to easily identify which calls require an urgent response and which can be attended to later in the day when you have more time.


In addition to that, having a virtual receptionist will free you up with much more time. Rather than having to handle all the phone calls you and your employees, you can instead focus on other ‘revenue generating’ tasks and growing your business.

Multiple Language Options

Do you work in an industry where you deal with customers from all over the world? Imagine being able to offer your customers multiple language options? This will significantly open you up to more business, whilst bolstering your brand image and inspiring customer loyalty. Your customers will feel valued knowing that you have the infrastructure in place to handle their enquiries even though they don’t speak English.


If you were to try and find a bilingual receptionist, you’d likely have to end up paying a much larger salary, and rightly so. However, with a virtual receptionist in Australia, it’s rather straight forward. Even more so if your customer base speaks more than 2 or 3 languages!

Live Web-Chat Services

Whilst it’s important to provide your customers with the option to make a phone call, many people favour a quick and easy web-chat enquiry. Leaving everything to one front office receptionist could become a little too much, especially if they’re on the phone handling a complex issue as 4 or 5 web-chat enquiries pop up! This is where a virtual receptionist really excels. Provide your customers with multiple means of contacting you and handle all their enquiries at once!

No Recruitment Or Training Necessary

The best receptionists are hard to find and training one up isn’t exactly the most cost-effective solution either. However, putting virtual receptionist services in place automatically rules out the need to go recruiting, which is ideal. You can’t guarantee that a receptionist is going to stick around forever, nor can you rely on them to come into work every single day without fail. A virtual receptionist on the other than, will be with you 24/7, 365 days a year!


It really is a stress-free solution that you can rely on. There’s nothing worse than being left in the lurch by a receptionist and having to try to handle all your phone calls and enquiries whilst taking care of all your regular day-to-day duties.

Receive Messages When You’re At Home

For many business owners, money never sleeps, particularly those with new start-ups. Often you may find yourself at home stressing about work or wondering if a client has returned your call of left a message. The beauty in having a virtual receptionist is that you can receive these messages during your off time, so that you can return any urgent calls whenever you like. Of course, this is completely optional! We’d always recommend leaving your work at work and trying to avoid bringing it home with you.

Why Should You Hire A Virtual Receptionist?

If you’re trying to grow your business and would like to focus your precious time on other important areas, then a virtual receptionist in Australia is the perfect solution. Save yourself a lot of time and money and worry about hiring dedicated staff later. For now, you can start screening and dealing with enquiries with a simple and affordable solution that requires no training, no lunch breaks and certainly no sick days.


Cost effective

No additional set up costs

24/7 365 availability

Multiple language options

Live web-chat options available

No recruitment or training necessary

Receive important messages during your off time


Are you interested in exploring this service further? Feel free to contact us today and we will gladly take you through your options and answer any questions that you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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