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Premium Telemarketing Services

Does your business require more business? If so, allow us to intervene. At OracleCMS, our expert team of specialists have the tailored kind of experience that’s needed to pitch your business to executives, industry wide. As one of the leading outbound telemarketing companies in Australia, we’re proficient and trained to work across an extensive range of industries, in a number of different ways. OracleCMS are not just a telemarketing services company, but a fully qualified and highly dependable extension of your business.

Telemarketing Outsourcing Services Across Australia

Delivering exceptional telemarketing outsourcing services, requires extremely motivated, highly trained and talented customer service staff sustained by a supportive and strong management team. At OracleCMS, we’re well equipped to promote your business and increase sales through our elite telemarketing services in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and the rest of Australia.


With a flawless track record and proven results in inbound telemarketing services and live phone answering across a wide span of clients and industries, our team of staff are guaranteed to grow your business significantly. When we make calls on behalf of your business, rest assured that we have a solid understanding of the industry, and can relate to all of your clients and prospects. Doing this well is why our company is considered to be one of the best, if not the best telemarketing companies in Australia.

The Outbound Telemarketing Services Your Business Needs

So what can OracleCMS do for you? You can depend on us to provide the following:

  • We believe in training and upskilling our 200+ team of customer service experts. Our team of highly qualified professionals are trained to sell products and services to new customers and repeat customers for outbound telemarketing services that make a difference to your bottom line.
  • We’re able to make and receive national calls in a localised environment, enabling us to ‘be local’ at all times, ensuring any messages left to your clients for ‘call backs’ are always left with local numbers, ideal for telemarketing companies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond.
  • By outsourcing your telemarketing services to us, we promise to reduce the costs of your staff, technology and infrastructure requirements marginally, as one of the most successful, profit-driven telemarketing companies in Australia.
  • Our highly trained staff are expert relationship builders, and we provide our clients with dedicated account managers as one of our prime telemarketing services, aiming to maximise quality leads for businesses just like yours.
  • We use sales focussed, objection handling techniques, separating prospects into hot, warm and cold leads. You’ll be assigned a competent, experienced virtual receptionist for your Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney business.
  • A fully secure computer network managed by a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, allowing our account handlers to manage the entire process of lead generation.
  • We promise to reduce the costs of your staff, technology and infrastructure requirements marginally, as one of the most successful, profit driven telemarketing companies in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and the rest of Australia.

Invest in One of The Best Outbound Telemarketing Companies in Australia

If your employees don’t have the time or capabilities to provide a full telemarketing service for your business, OracleCMS can provide a dedicated team of account managers to build a relationship with your team and report back to you regularly. Due to the bespoke tailored nature of our company services, prices are calculated on an individual basis, specifically tailored to suit each organisation.


Whether you need a virtual receptionist or telemarketing in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or the rest of Australia, leave it to us.  Call our professionals today on 1300 760 011 to discover one of the best telemarketing companies in the country. We’ll change your business profits and customer outcomes for the better.

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