What are Hosted Services?

Organizations contract with vendors to host technical solutions in their data centres under a hosted services arrangement. As a result, the client can utilize the vendor’s technical infrastructure without incurring hardware or software capital expenditures.


Hosted services include third-party web hosting, email hosting, off-site backup, and disaster recovery. Hosted service contracts are often used for off-site backup and disaster recovery procedures.


Hosted service arrangements come in many varieties. For example, the vendor may only take care of the servers, and the client organization will be responsible for managing the software. For a full-service solution, the vendor provides and maintains both the software and the servers in software-as-a-service (SaaS) situations.


Choosing hosted services, such as SaaS, can be a valuable option for contact centres to choose for their entire contact centre technology infrastructure. Besides being flexible, scalable, secure, and cost-effective, cloud-based services provide contact centres with flexibility, scalability, and economy. Cloud-based solutions, for instance, allow contact centres to quickly add new channels to match seasonality and scale up and down accordingly. Finally, with hosted services, contact centres can focus on their primary role – providing exceptional customer service – rather than worrying about technology.


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