What are KPI’s In Contact Centres?

In contact centres, a key performance indicator (KPI) measures a contact centre’s efficiency and customer service in relation to its business goals. Choosing the appropriate KPIs for contact centres is the key to understanding their operations comprehensively without accumulating too much data.


Workload management and labour efficiency are typically measured by the following KPIs at contact centres:

  • Abandon rates: The percentage of contacts that are terminated before an agent is contacted by a customer.
  • ASA (Average speed of answer): ASA stands for Average Speed of Answer. It measures how long it takes a customer to be connected to an agent on average. A close relationship exists between this metric and abandonment rates.
  • Service levels: In customer service, service levels are expressed as the percentage of contacts answered within a specified period. As an example, 80% of calls were answered within 20 seconds.


During the interaction, the following KPIs could be monitored:

  • Average handling time: A measure of how long agents spend on each customer contact. It is a metric used for determining staffing needs based on efficiency.
  • First contact resolution: The percentage of issues that are resolved during initial contact is known as first contact resolution.


The quality of service provided and the effectiveness of internal processes are also often measured by contact centres in addition to their operational KPIs. These KPIs might include:

  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores: Surveys conducted after contact to determine how customers feel about the service they received.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): Customers are rated on a scale of zero to ten on the basis of their loyalty. 0 represents a detractor, and 10 represents a promoter.
  • Quality scores: Aggregate scores based on the evaluation of contacts by analysts or supervisors using specific criteria.
  • Agent turnover rate: It is the rate at which agents are retained by contact centres.
  • Forecasting accuracy: A contact centre’s forecasting process is evaluated by comparing actual and projected volume.


While this isn’t an exhaustive list of KPIs for contact centres, it illustrates the range of options and the difficulty in selecting the right ones. A contact centre should choose KPIs that are aligned with its business objectives and consistently manage them to meet them.


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