What is a Call Centre (Contact Centre) Team Leader?


A Team Leader in a call centre, also referred to as a Contact Centre Team Leader or Supervisor, is a key role responsible for overseeing a team of call centre agents. This role involves enhancing individual employee performance, aligning with organizational goals, and managing various administrative and supervisory tasks.




  • Staff Development: Team Leaders are responsible for nurturing and developing their staff. This includes providing training and coaching to help agents improve their skills.
  • Performance Management: Conducting performance reviews and offering support to team members to help them excel in their roles.
  • Issue Resolution: Handling customer escalations, providing guidance, and addressing staff queries and concerns effectively.
  • Administrative Tasks: Managing administrative duties such as leave approvals, payroll, and roster management.
  • Leadership: Leading team meetings, communicating important company news, and motivating the team to meet their targets.
  • Engagement Activities: Facilitating engagement activities and being available to assist with overflow calls when needed.


Key Considerations:


  • Team Leader to agent ratios typically range from 1:10 to 1:16, but this can vary based on factors like the complexity of the role and industry type.
  • Both Team Leaders and agents often prefer smaller team sizes for more effective management and support.


Support and Training:


Team Leaders often require training in areas such as reporting, analysis, and leadership. A key aspect is coaching and leadership skills to enhance their team’s performance and positively impact the contact centre’s culture.




Empowering and supporting Team Leaders is crucial for improving workplace culture, enhancing employee engagement, and achieving overall better performance within the contact centre. It’s essential to ensure your Team Leaders have the necessary support and training to excel in their roles.


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