What is a Cloud Contact Centre?

A contact centre is a customer service function that provides a variety of channels to communicate with customers, including phone, email, chat, SMS, and social media. These channels can be used to handle customer contacts. It is important to note that a cloud contact centre is a contact centre that is hosted by a third party using the internet as the technology infrastructure. ACDs are commonly used to route calls between parties, while interactive voice response systems (IVRs) are used to greet callers and allow the self-service of customers. ACDs are commonly used for routing and IVRs are widely used for self-service. Contact centres in the cloud can also use hosted solutions to manage their workforce, analyze data, incorporate customer relationships management (CRM), manage training, and much more.


In recent years, contact centres have evolved from legacy, limited-purpose, call centres to modern, multi-channel, digital contact centres due to the addition of digital channels, workforce management, and advanced analytics. Moreover, newer contact centres are cloud-based, which further increases their capabilities and makes them even more affordable and powerful than before.


Cloud Contact Centres Offer several Benefits Over Traditional Contact Centres

Many Australian organizations choose to adopt cloud-based Australian contact centre solutions for their operations. The following are just a few of the benefits that you can take advantage of:


In addition to this benefit, cloud-based software allows you to access your information anywhere you have an internet connection and a computer. By doing so, organizations can capitalize on the broader labour markets and eliminate the commute for their employees. This is done by allowing their agents to work from their homes through cloud contact centres. It’s a great perk to be able to do that!


There is a large variation in contact volume during different seasons. This causes peaks and valleys in staffing levels in many businesses, especially retailers, that have significant seasonal fluctuations in contact volume. A cloud-based contact centre can grow and shrink as needed and they only pay for the seats that are used at any given time.


– Lower costs of ownership – Organizations using a cloud contact centre don’t have to worry about a variety of issues like software updates, hardware upgrades, fighting hacking attempts, and the fact that they need to hire a system administrator. A cloud provider will take care of all of that on your behalf, so you can focus all of your efforts on delivering the best customer service possible.


Considering the many benefits that cloud contact centres offer, it’s no wonder that this model is being adopted by more and more organizations around the world.


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