What is a Customer Service Representative (CSR)?


CSRs, also known as agents, are individuals who assist customers in a call centre or a contact centre with their issues by providing them with customer service. CSRs are also called customer service executives (CSEs). There are a number of ways to do this, including phone calls, chats, emails and social media. A customer service representative (CSR) plays a key role in influencing the customer experience, so organizations should look for the following qualities when hiring them:


A successful customer service representative (CSR) doesn’t just listen to customers. They listen to what they say, which sometimes means reading between the lines. First, we must understand the situation in order to be able to assist.


Skills in problem-solving – Increasingly, customers can solve simple problems on their own with the help of self-service tools, making the issues that require customer service representatives (CSRs) more complex. Managing customer complaints is a challenge for customer service representatives (CSRs).


The ability to maintain professionalism and politeness in the face of sometimes frazzled customers – Effective Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) always maintain a professional and polite attitude no matter what the situation might be. An even better outcome would be if they could go a step further and build some rapport.


There are tight schedules in the contact centre environment, and everyone must show up on time for the centre’s performance to be successful. It can be problematic for queue times if employees frequently no-show and arrive late. Customer service representatives (CSRs) should have a reputation for being reliable.


In many cases, customer satisfaction depends on how well a customer service representative (CSR) performs. A company that screens develops, and supports its CSRs can win in the experience economy.


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