What is an Abandoned Call?


Understanding Abandoned Calls in Contact Centres

An abandoned call refers to a scenario in which a caller or contact initiates communication with a contact centre but terminates the interaction before connecting with an agent or completing the intended process. This metric is critical in assessing the efficiency and customer satisfaction levels within a contact centre.


Implications of Abandoned Calls

High rates of abandoned calls can indicate issues such as inadequate staffing, long hold times, or complex IVR systems that frustrate customers. It directly impacts customer satisfaction, as callers who abandon calls often leave with unresolved issues, leading to potential loss of business or customer loyalty.


Strategies to Reduce Abandoned Calls

  1. Enhanced Staffing: Ensuring adequate staffing during peak hours to minimise wait times.
  2. Call Back Options: Providing an option for customers to receive a callback instead of waiting on hold.
  3. IVR Optimization: Simplifying IVR menus to make navigation easier and faster for customers.
  4. Queue Management: Implementing real-time monitoring and management of call queues to dynamically allocate resources based on call volumes.


Monitoring and Analysis

Contact centres should continuously monitor abandoned call rates and analyze patterns to identify underlying causes. This can involve reviewing call logs, customer feedback, and agent performance to develop targeted strategies for improvement.



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