What is Availability?


Understanding Availability in Contact Centres

Availability refers to the amount of time that contact centre agents are ready and available to take calls or handle other types of customer contacts, such as emails, chats, or social media interactions. This metric is crucial for measuring the efficiency and productivity of a contact centre, as well as ensuring a high level of customer service.

In the context of contact centres, availability is often measured as a percentage of the total working time that agents are logged into the system and ready to engage with customers. High availability means that agents are spending most of their time ready to take calls, while low availability may indicate issues such as excessive breaks, long after-call work (ACW), or system downtime.


Factors Affecting Availability

Several factors can impact an agent’s availability, including:


  1. Breaks and Downtime: Scheduled breaks, lunch periods, and any unscheduled downtime due to technical issues.
  2. After-Call Work (ACW): The time spent completing tasks after finishing a call, such as updating customer records or handling follow-up actions.
  3. Training and Meetings: Time spent in training sessions, team meetings, or coaching sessions.
  4. System Issues: Technical problems that prevent agents from taking calls or handling contacts.


Improving Agent Availability

To enhance agent availability, contact centres can implement several strategies:


  1. Efficient Scheduling: Ensuring that breaks, training sessions, and meetings are scheduled during times of low call volume.
  2. Optimizing ACW: Streamlining after-call work processes to reduce the time agents spend on post-call tasks.
  3. Technical Support: Providing robust technical support to minimize system downtime and quickly resolve any technical issues.
  4. Performance Monitoring: Regularly monitoring agent performance and availability metrics to identify and address any issues promptly.


The Importance of Availability

High availability is critical for maintaining efficient operations in a contact centre. When agents are readily available to take calls, it reduces wait times for customers and improves overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, high availability ensures that contact centres can handle higher call volumes without compromising service quality.



Availability is a key performance indicator in contact centres, reflecting how much time agents are ready and able to engage with customers. By monitoring and optimizing availability, contact centres can enhance their operational efficiency, reduce customer wait times, and improve the overall customer experience.


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