What is Contact Centre Management?

Businesses manage their contact centres and contact centre software to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences across omnichannel customer journeys through contact centre management. The management of contact centres includes scheduling and forecasting workforces, managing agents’ schedules and time, engaging employees and empowering them, reporting, and analyzing customer interactions across omnichannel platforms.


In support of omnichannel customer journeys, businesses are evolving their call centres into contact centres. It may begin with a customer sending an SMS message, followed by a chatbot interaction, and eventually culminate in a voice conversation with a contact centre representative. An effective contact centre management system combines a contact centre’s software, business procedures, and policies to ensure seamless performance visibility across all points of contact.


Omnichannel contact centres that focus on digital first have increased revenues and higher customer satisfaction because they meet their customers where they prefer to interact. Streamlining operations and proactively managing costs are achieved when contact centre management is approached holistically.


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