What is Customer Intelligence?

In order to strengthen relationships and increase loyalty, a business uses customer intelligence to collect and analyze information about its customers. Customers’ intelligence can be gathered from a variety of sources, including retail purchases and website behaviour. By combining and analyzing these data, organizations can better segment their customers and provide them with more tailored offers.


An overview of how customer intelligence can be used in contact centres

A key challenge for Aussie contact centres is to provide a differentiated customer experience (CX). To achieve this, personalizing interactions using customer intelligence is an effective strategy. CRM applications, for instance, can provide agents with details about the customer’s location, past purchases, and customer service interactions through customer intelligence. A customer service agent may use this conversation to ask how the customer is coping with the current storm, inquire if their last issue was resolved to their satisfaction, and tell them that the company just started offering handbags that fit the shoes they recently purchased.


Also, companies can identify their most profitable customers through customer intelligence because it allows better customer segmentation. The contact centre can then give them VIP treatment by routing them to a special agent team or placing them at the front of the queue.


The process of generating customer intelligence in contact centres

As contact centres communicate regularly with customers, they provide valuable insight into their needs. The following three examples illustrate how contact centres provide insights into customers.


  • History of interactions: The contact centre collects and retains information about past interactions with customers. Organizations can use this information to understand how customers interact with them and how they prefer to communicate.


  • Findings from the survey: The customer service department often surveys customers to determine whether they are satisfied with the service they received. An invaluable part of customer intelligence is survey results.


  • Analysis of interactions: Using interaction analytics software, contact centres can analyze 100% of their contacts from every channel. They can thus gain valuable information about customer sentiments.


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