What is Speech Analytics?


The term speech analytics, or interaction analytics, refers to technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to understand, process, and understand the language spoken by humans. Speech analytics is used in call centres to analyze recordings of phone calls and transcripts of chats and text messages. By analyzing 100% of customer contacts 24/7, speech analytics software can enable contact centres to be more proactive. This will enable them to have a much better understanding of what is happening during customer interactions.


Application of speech analytics to contact centres


There are many practical uses for speech analytics applications due to their unique capabilities. Contact centre use cases include the following.


Identifying and managing problems. Keywords and phrases used during customer interactions can be detected and reported through speech analytics. It can also help identify emerging problems, in addition, to understanding call drivers. Using speech analytics reports, contact centre leaders can evaluate the effectiveness of their solutions when they are alerted to new issues promptly.


Controlling quality. Sample size may not provide an accurate representation of quality when used in typical quality management practices. All contacts can be analysed using speech analytics, allowing contact centres and agents to receive more accurate quality scores.


Customer feedback. As a result of speech analytics, organizations can determine customer sentiment, which analyzes the voice of the customer in a more comprehensive way. Speaking analytics determine customer satisfaction, happiness, anger, and frustration based on keywords and speech characteristics like volume and pitch. Using this approach, contact centres can better understand the overall mood of their customers and target interventions for those who appear at risk.


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