What is Contact Centre Workforce Optimisation (WFO)?

To maximize a contact centre’s agents’ performance and efficiency, workforce optimisation involves training, supporting, monitoring, motivating and scheduling them appropriately. For a contact centre’s service to be as effective as possible, its agents must be trained, supported, monitored, motivated, and well-scheduled. To achieve maximum performance, contact centre workforce optimisation needs to be managed and developed thoughtfully.


Among the many technology solutions available for optimizing contact centres’ workforce are:


Workforce management: Staffing forecasting and agent scheduling are two critical functions of workforce management software. It assists workforce managers in meeting customer demands most productively. Among the best workforce optimization tools in contact centres, this is the heavy-lifting tool.


Quality monitoring: In addition to recording contacts and assessing the quality of the interaction, quality monitoring tools provide agent coaching tools and provide reports on results in quality and development. Agent engagement and ownership can be increased by requiring agents to self-evaluate their quality scores and giving them instant access to them.


Performance management: By providing real-time and historical dashboards for agents and executives, performance management systems assist in developing and engaging agents by providing instant visibility of performance against key performance indicators. Gamification and social collaboration are also commonly included in performance management.


Recording: Quality management cannot exist without call recording. Call recording records audio from customer interactions, which is one aspect of workforce optimisation. By recording agent monitors during interactions, screen recording can provide insights into agent processes, allowing coaching to go beyond the conversation itself.


In addition to increasing agent engagement, improving labour costs, and improving customer service, workforce optimisation is an ongoing process, made easier by automation.


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