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Legal Answering Service, 24/7 Law Firm Virtual Receptionist Service for Attorneys and Lawyers


Irrespective of whether you are a sole practitioner or a large firm, it is imperative that your phone calls are always answered. This is true regardless of whether you are in court during court hours or whether it is early in the morning.

We provide high-quality, professionally managed telephone answering services to the legal sector


It is common for law firms to have an extremely heavy workload, and if you are a one-person operation, that can mean taking on many different roles and responsibilities.


There can be times when you are taking a brief from a client, then checking up on some case law, and all the while handling a wide range of phone calls.


Perhaps there is a simpler method

With OracleCMS, we provide expert law firm telephone answering services. We have answered incoming calls for many barristers and solicitors throughout Australia. A OracleCMS receptionist will handle your incoming calls, allowing you to focus on providing the best possible service to your clients.


  • You will receive an incoming telephone number when you sign up. You may choose to use this number as your primary telephone number or divert calls to it. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to have your existing telephone ring once or twice first and then redirect to us. You may do so immediately.
  • Once the call is received, we will answer it in your company name with a message that you have instructed us to convey. For example, “Good morning, this is XYZ legal services, can I assist you?”.
  • Afterwards, our receptionists may either forward the call through to another number or they may take a message from the caller and forward it to you via email. The decision may be that you prefer urgent calls to be forwarded to another extension, while for not so urgent calls, you prefer an email message.
  • In most cases, your message is emailed to you within minutes of the call coming in. This means you have the ability to respond to the most critical messages and take your time with the less important ones.
  • Our receptionists are local professional telephone operators who work remotely from various locations throughout Australia. We do not employ offshore call centers to answer the important calls of our local Australian clients.
  • As an Australian company, our technology was developed by local IT professionals, who are specialists in the telephone answering industry. Our technology is intuitive and works on a wide range of platforms.

For barristers and solicitors who need an effective way to outsource the answering of their incoming calls, OracleCMS can be of assistance. Our customers have a number of locations throughout Australia, the United States, and Europe.


Legal receptionists are available 24 hours a day

No matter what time of day or night it is, we answer every call so that you never miss a client opportunity.


Taking on new clients

In order to ensure you spend your time on only the most relevant inquiries, we qualify your leads for you.


Bookings for appointments

The appointment will be automatically scheduled into your existing calendar or input into the CRM of your law firm.


Logging and monitoring calls and messages

A complete audit trail of calls, transfers, and messages in your client portal or mobile app is ensured by complete visibility of call logs, transfers, and messages.


The ability to cover overflow and holidays

Do you already have an in-house receptionist? We can take calls during their lunch break, on holidays, and when they are ill.


Numbers assigned to class actions or campaigns

For tracking campaigns or managing high-volume class action inquiries, dedicated phone numbers are available.


With a legal answering service, you will never miss an important call


A real person should always be available for your clients to speak to during legal matters since they can often be stressful.

We will handle every call with the professional courtesy you would expect from a client in your area of practice, whatever it may be – criminal law, corporate law, employment law, family law, conveyancing, etc.

Depending on your needs, we may even screen calls or handle after-hours calls differently, such as prioritizing calls from the jail or a judge.

An outsourced answering service is also invaluable during times of peak call volume, such as when firms handle class action lawsuits and are overloaded with calls they cannot handle.

Telephone Answering, Virtual Receptionist and Call Centre Services For Any Industry

As leaders in outsourced receptionist solutions, we have vast experience in answering calls, handling customer enquiries and providing virtual assistance for businesses across many industries.


What makes us different?

  • We’re a global leader in virtual reception services.
  • We’re on call 24/7, connecting you with customers anytime, anywhere, anyhow.
  • All receptionists are based in Australia, not overseas.
  • All receptionists are highly trained employees, not contractors.
  • We have no lock-in contract, making it 100% risk-free to partner with us.
  • We offer complete flexibility to scale up (or down) as your business needs change.
  • We seize every opportunity to help businesses thrive.

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