Corporate Business Call Answering

Business and Corporate Answering Services

Our commitment to the success of your business is second to none and we repeatedly do what it takes to assist your business to succeed, providing only the best in customer service, inbound and outbound call centres, telemarketing, virtual receptionists and business answering services within Australia. We believe that there is always a more advanced way to connect with your customers, and our business call answering service has been proven to be reliable, with clear results for our clients. Our Telemarketing services,  and Business Call Answering Service are both particularly useful corporate answering services, designed for larger companies and corporate clients that require a tailored reception solution.

The Corporate Call Answering Service Your Organisation Needs

In terms of phone answering services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the rest of Australia, our range of services are both varied and efficient. So, what exactly can OracleCMS offer your business?


  • We provide your business with a personalised business call answering service curated to meet your organisations specific requirements.
  • Ideal for large organisations, use our corporate answering service to deal with work overflow and managing peak periods, after-hour callers, and marketing campaigns.
  • Our team of highly experienced staff are trained in excellent phone answering services in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and beyond, ensuring all your business’ phone answering can be managed, 24/7.
  • OracleCMS provide an experienced IT team who can guarantee high standards of efficiency and quality across the board, using the latest in high technology alphanumeric pagers and more.

Business Call Answering Service: Never Miss An Important Message Again

Due to the bespoke tailored nature of our company services, prices are calculated on an individual basic, specificially per organisation. Please contact us today if your business requires a corporate call answering service, your voice is ours.