Virtual Telephone Answering Service

Virtual Receptionist Services

OracleCMS are passionate about creating exceptional customer experiences through a number of systems. From Social Media, to consulting and Software and web development, we’re dedicated to providing innovative ways to accomplish your business objectives. As a business, we strive to evolve as the world of technology grows, ensuring we provide premium solutions within divisions of integrated Omni-Channel Operations, CRM and Mobility, Analysis and Social Media.


If you’re looking for a virtual office phone answering service and would like to make some changes to the way you currently run your communication channels, we can provide you with worthwhile solutions.  Impact the reputation of your brand in a positive way with a live phone answering service that handles your customer calls in an efficient manner.


The Virtual Answering Service Ideal for Every Business

Alongside our outstanding recourses in customer service, from inbound and outbound customer service to telemarketing, we also offer a range of virtual answering services to all of our clients, spanning across a wide variety of industries including but not limited to, retail, hospitality, medical and mining.


At OracleCMS we go above and beyond for every single client, providing world-class technology, and the best virtual reception service in Australia. We guarantee that we will find the perfect solution for your business needs from our range of virtual answering services, at our virtual contact centres. We firmly believe that outsourcing your live virtual receptionist needs to us, will directly affect the growth of your business.


Whether you are looking for a virtual receptionist in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or throughout Australia, you’ll never have to worry about missed opportunities again.

Could Your Business Benefit from A Virtual Receptionist?

Our virtual telephone answering services in Australia have a proven track record in delivering professional and efficient results. In an industry where connecting you to your customers is vital, opting for a virtual receptionist as part of your telephone answering service will be a decision you won’t regret. OracleCMS promise you the following:


  • Callers will be greeted promptly and professionally with your own personal scripts, our live virtual receptionists in Melbourne, Perth, and the rest of Australia repeatedly stand out with brilliant communication skills, leaving your customers feeling valued and content.
  • Our virtual telephone receptionists are able to use your own existing number, or we are able to provide local numbers too to ensure call backs are always possible.
  • We provide bespoke virtual telephone answering services and pricing proposals that are tailored specifically to your business needs, and your virtual telephone receptionist will be trained in line with your organisations company policy. To the customer, our voice is yours.
  • OracleCMS offer flexible messaging and call transfer options via a voice answering service at our virtual contact centres, where calls can be transferred from anywhere in the world, at your discretion.

Virtual Contact Centre Possibilities

If you’re looking for a full-time receptionist for a fraction of the cost, get in touch to discover the possibilities at OracleCMS. We also offer a Business Answering Service for larger corporate organisations, meaning that no matter the size of your business, we’ve got you covered. For us, no job is too big or too small, and we understand that every company requires a tailored service to them, which is why prices are calculated on an individual basis.


Talk to our team of experts today by calling 1300 760 011 to discuss all of our virtual reception services and find out precisely how OracleCMS can change the way your company’s customer service is run.