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Here at OracleCMS, we offer an advanced contact centre service to clients who are looking to improve the overall customer service that they’re affording their customers, and to bolster their brand image.

But what is it about Australian contact centre services that can benefit your business? These are the points that we’re going to cover on this page, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not the service it for you.

What Is A Contact Centre?

Simply put: a contact centre is an operation designed to handle high volumes of phone calls, emails, and web-enquiries from your customers. It’s a means of offering your existing and potential customers the opportunity to acquire more information about your products & services, by speaking to professional, friendly and well-informed representatives.

By attaching a contact centre to your business, you will be able to answer more queries in real-time, place orders, take payments, and ensure that your customers will be able to get through to the appropriate department, for their convenience.

Can A Contact Centre Help My Business?

Absolutely. The fact is, operating a business is incredibly time consuming, which is why it is so valuable being able to delegate and outsource certain tasks, so that you and your staff can focus on other vital ‘revenue generating’ areas (eg., going after big contracts, attending marketing exhibitions).

If you experience high volumes of phone calls or emails from customers and potential buyers, it can disrupt your daily working patterns and often become too much to handle. If this is starting to feel like the case for you, then it’s almost certainly time to explore other methods of answering and attending those calls.

That is why, so many businesses incorporate an Australian based contact centre into their day-to-day. It allows them to dedicate more of their time to their face-to-face interactions and improving their products/services—whilst ensuring that they never miss an important phone call.

You must consider how many phone calls that you might miss in an average day. How many of them will hang up and invariably call one of your competitors instead? By having the infrastructure in place to receive every single enquiry that comes through your business, you can significantly expand your customer base and increase your potential earnings in the long run.

Avoid Negative Perceptions

There’s nothing more valuable to a business than their image and the way that customers perceive them. Keeping up a positive and professional image is paramount if you wish to keep customers returning to you, as opposed to turning to your competitors.

One of the easiest ways to build a negative perception is a lack of attention, something that many businesses can fall into when trying to handle high volumes of enquiries without the appropriate infrastructure in place. If people try to contact you and find that they have to wait on the phone for five minutes, only to be greeted by someone who is flustered and clearly in a rush to get off—well, it doesn’t reflect well at all. On the other hand, with a call centre in place, everyone who attempts to make contact will be greeted by a very attentive, patient and professional individual who can dedicate enough time necessary to allow the customer to walk away feeling valued, having drawn a positive conclusion.

Be there for your customers by providing them with a platform where every enquiry gets taken seriously and is handled in good time. This will bolster your brand image, and people will soon get to learn that yours is a business that is a pleasure to deal with, securing their loyalty in the future.

Offer Great Customer Service

After-service care

There’s so much more to having a contact centre in place than simply answering phone calls and dealing with enquiries. Contact centre staff can also be tasked with offering after-service care (i.e., calling up to ensure that the customer was satisfied with their experience). This can offer you invaluable information and help you to improve your products/services and streamline the way that your business operates.


24/7 contact

Being able to offer a 24/7 customer service is another huge benefit. You can have professional call handlers working various shift patterns ensuring that people can engage with your business at any time. Simply listing this on your website will immediately demonstrate that you are a business who values your customers.


Maintaining the highest standards

Again, trying to handle all enquiries yourself, whilst running your day-to-day operations, can be difficult to pull off. Therefore, at times it can be impossible to maintain the highest standards—particularly if customers are made to wait or are greeted by a member of staff who is starting to feel the pressure.

However, having handlers on standby waiting to receive your calls who are highly trained and can attend every customer with the appropriate requirements (e.g., branded greetings, polite farewells, and an overall professional attitude), will always allow you to maintain the highest standards. In addition to that, an Australian based contact centre will hire native English speakers, making the interaction much smoother.


Faster response times (email, web-support)

For customers who prefer to make contact via email or your website’s live chat support option, you must be able to attend them as quickly as possible. A realistic response time for emails is within the next working day but more often than not, your contact centre will be able to get back to them even sooner.

Why Choose OracleCMS?

For us, delivering exceptional results is not an option, it’s a guarantee. We have the infrastructure in place to provide you with a well-rounded, thorough and attentive contact centre. All of our representatives are impeccably trained and maintain the highest standard at all times, whilst representing your brand with the utmost integrity.


Are you interested in exploring this service further?

If you have any additional questions, or would like to enquire further about pricing, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. One of our friendly representatives will gladly receive your call and point your in the right direction.

To conclude, attaching an Australian contact centre to your business can offer the following benefits:

  • Handle higher volumes of enquiries through various mediums
  • Offer a more thorough customer service
  • Your customers can reach you 24/7
  • Increase your earnings
  • Bolster customer loyalty
  • Improve your brand image
  • Maintain the higher standard of service
  • Avoid negative perceptions
  • and more

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