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10 Skills Every Call Centre Customer Service Agent Should Have

To the uninitiated, a job manning the phones in customer service is as simple as sitting and answering phone calls. We, on the other hand, realise just how much work is involved throughout even the simplest of interactions. Thus, it takes a special kind of someone to be able to handle the workload and adapt to whichever situation may arise on the day.


In this article, we’re going to explore the 10 skills which define a customer service call centre agent. These tools will be an essentiality for their success.


1.  Communication

Of course, communication skills are among the most important for a contact centre agent. Anyone can pick up a phone and speak, but the best customer service agents are able to do so in a flawless manner, articulating their words clearly and concisely.


2.  Patience

Patience is a virtue and in customer service, even more so. Being a call centre customer service agent is a demanding job because you can’t rely on every single customer to be patient with you. Nor can you expect them to know all of the answers, so you might be required to answer the most elementary of questions. This is where patience comes in very handy.


3.  Empathy

This ties in rather closely with patience, as being an empathetic person helps to understand the customers’ situation and current needs. Put yourself in their shoes and try to appreciate where their frustrations or concern might be coming from, and then do your utmost to resolve the situation.


4.  Positive Attitude

This is vital, though not always easy to maintain. Some days, you will have a bad run and there might be a string of especially rude customers that knock you off your stride. However, it is paramount that you continue to keep a smile on your face and treat the customers with respect. A positive attitude will help you to maintain that.


5.  Attentiveness

You must be attentive both with your listening, and your willingness to assist the customer. Ultimately your responsibility is to ensure that by the time they get off the phone, they are satisfied with the resolution of their situation and your job is to attend then in every situation.


6.  Timeliness

There’s no time to hang around as a call centre customer service agent. Your job is to respond to an enquiry with a swift resolution. It’s also having the ability to identify when it is best to offer a call back so that you can crack on with the task at hand without keeping the customer waiting on the phone. You must resolve each issue quickly and without delay before moving on to the next enquiry.


7.  Know Your Products & Services

Depending on the industry that you’re in, you might not have a great understanding of the various products and services that your company offers in the beginning. However, it is important that you are ready to learn them inside and out. Having a deep understanding of the products and services that your customers will be using, will enable you to easily resolve their issues when they call up for assistance. Saying “I don’t know,” simply doesn’t cut it in the customer service game.


8.  The Ability To Adapt

Customer service is a volatile job which can throw all manner of problems at you and you must be ready to adapt and overcome depending on the situation at hand. You have to be flexible enough to bend with the situation and find the best possible solution without breaking.


9.  The Desire To Go Above & Beyond

The best customer service agents genuinely want to help people and thus, having the desire to go above and beyond the call of duty can really give you an advantage in the field.


10.  Organisation

Organisation is arguably the most important skill of all. Without it, you will soon find yourself piling up under unresolved issues and failing to remember to put notes down after having interacted with a customer. As soon as you fail to leave notes for the next interaction, it all starts falling apart. A well-oiled customer service machine is one that is made up of organised agents who are forever on the ball.



It is important to find the right contact centre with well-trained staff. Not just anybody can walk into a customer service position and thrive.  In fact, it is much, much harder than it looks. However, if you’ve ticked everything off this list and believe that you have what it takes, then you just might!

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