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How to Use Virtual Phone Numbers To Track Your Marketing Conversions

Virtual phone numbers aren’t just a great way to ensure the right customer ends up speaking to the right department – they’re also a powerful marketing tool. 


If a customer goes as far as picking up the phone to talk to you, it’s pretty clear that they’re interested in what you’ve got to offer. Finding what motivates that feeling is what drives great marketing campaigns, but how to get your hands on that crucial data? When properly set up, virtual phone numbers can show you exactly where your customers are coming from, what messaging they saw and how educated they are about your brand. Read on and let OracleCMS lift the curtain on using virtual phone numbers to track conversions. 


Compartmentalise your campaigns 


Having one virtual phone number is nice, having 20 (or 50, or even more) is even better. Virtual phone numbers are designed to be used en masse, with each number attached to a specific campaign or section of a funnel. There are innumerable services and pieces of software that allow you to quickly and automatically generate virtual phone numbers and automatically marry them up with specific pieces of content, Google Ad campaigns or paid social posts, allowing you to know precisely what your customer saw, read or was exposed to immediately before picking up the phone. 


However, getting the set up wrong can hobble your tracking from day one, diminishing the value of all data that you gain through the campaign. It’s important to take the time – or work with a professional – to ensure that these numbers are properly configured.


Set the right metrics 


With your phone numbers properly set up, it’s vital that you and your team are looking in the right place when it comes to measuring success. One key metric to watch for is the most obvious – the number of phone calls each number gets. This can be thought of as a raw indicator of each piece of content’s ability to drive leads. While customers may have been exposed to your brand previously, knowing that it was a particular ad that pushed them to pick up the phone can have a huge impact on how you position your brand and speak to your customers. 


Other key metrics to look for is how far along your sales funnel(s) a customer was when they decided to make a call. If you’re seeing customers bounce around your site several times before converting, it may be time to rethink how your marketing strategy could be tweaked.  


Optimise, optimise, optimise 


Marketing data is no good if you don’t utilise it. Now that you know what ads your customers are seeing and what stage of what funnel they’re in when they call, you can start to trim the fat. In modern digital marketing, there’s absolutely no excuse to throw good money after a bad campaign when you could use it to strengthen a good one. 


Once the data’s in, the analysis has been done and you know where your calls are coming from, have a hard look at where they’re not coming from. Unless these other campaigns are delivering for you in some other way – they’re providing lots of fast sales, they’re an essential part of a separate funnel, etc – it might be a good idea to consider pulling the plug on them. 


But before you can do any of that, you need to get the right tools. OracleCMS offers businesses across Australia a robust, highly sophisticated virtual phone system solution, helping them better connect with their customers. If you’d like to learn more about how our services can support your business, get in touch with our team today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. 

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