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How To Get The Most Out of Your Telemarketing Services

Many businesses reach the point in their growth where they decide they need to enlist the services of a telemarketing team. But like any resource, how do you make sure you’re making the most of it? 


At OracleCMS, we understand what separates a good telemarketing team from a bad one – because we’ve been building them for years. In this blog, we’ll look at what goes into an effective and productive team that helps your business cut through and connect. Read on and make the smarter choice for your business. 


Choose a team your customers can trust 


Being able to build a strong rapport with your customers is an essential skill that any business needs to have in order to be successful. To be as strong and as effective as possible, you need to start constructing that relationship from the first point of contact. 


Choosing a telemarketing service that’s locally based ensures that they fully understand the way your customers tick. This goes beyond language fluency – any product you’re selling or service you’re offering has to address a customer’s pain points, and no one understands those pain points like someone who shares your customers’ needs, goals and circumstances. 


Additionally, a local team shows that your business is dedicated to your area, further strengthening that connection between you and your customers. If you’re serious about creating the kind of mutually beneficial relationships that companies need to generate reliable repeat business, start building them the moment your customer picks up the phone. 


Customer service before they’re even a customer 


While a great start, it’s not enough to simply have a local telemarketing team – they need to know their stuff. Customer service and sales staff who understand your products and services inside and out are best positioned to make the sale. 


Being able to provide tailored guidance and advice to a brand-new client can do wonders for their willingness to work with you in future. Staff who understand that inner workings of your offering can turn a sales pitch into a conversation, making it seem more about the client’s needs than the bottom line. Especially valuable for complex or expensive offerings, a deep knowledge of your products can help demystify the selection process for a customer who would be willing to buy if they could understand how it relates to their own needs. 


Ensuring that every member of your telemarketing team understands your brand, your products, your company and your values delivers better outcomes for you and your customers. The result is a better experience for prospective customers, a greater willingness to consider additional products and services on their part and the potential to create ambassadors for your brand. 


Grow them alongside your business 


When situations change, ensure that every part of your business can change with them. As your organisation finds new success and grows in exciting ways, you need to be able count on your telemarketing team to meet new challenges. 


That scalability is key. Keeping your telemarketing team in house means needing to make constant time-consuming and costly adjustments to staffing as business goes through peaks and troughs. Outsourcing your telemarketing to an external provider allows you to more closely align your resources with demand, maximising your ability to capitalise on opportunity while minimising wastage. 


If you’re looking for telemarketing services that truly extend your business’ capabilities, partner with OracleCMS. Our inbound and outbound telemarketing offering allows you to better reach your customers, helping you turn leads into loyal, repeat customers. 


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