Choosing the Right Phone Number for Your Australian Business

choosing the right phone number for your australian business

Choosing the Right Phone Number for Your Australian Business

Professionals and non-professionals are distinguished by their business phone numbers. If you have a dedicated line of communication with your customers, you can do business without a storefront, an online store, or a brick-and-mortar office.



There Are Different Types of Business Phone Numbers Available in Australia

Your prospects’ perception of your brand, as well as your ability to provide services to your customers, is determined by the type of phone number you choose as a small business starting out. Consider the several options you have when choosing phone numbers for your business in order to make the right choice.



Landline Phone Numbers

Households and businesses commonly use landline services. There are four standard area codes for landlines (02, 03, 04, 07, and 08), which are assigned to each one.


With a landline number, businesses that need a phone number but won’t receive a lot of calls can benefit from the familiarity of a telephone number that is used in homes and offices.


Those businesses that need more sophisticated call handling capabilities may find its simplicity a disadvantage. Retaining the same business number after moving is unlikely since they are tied to a geographical exchange. Lastly, a residential number causes you to appear amateurish and makes you appear unprofessional.

Landline Cost

There is generally a monthly fee for landline services, in addition to varying call rates depending on your selected plan. The installation of physical loops in your premises is part of the cost and time of a fixed line service. With each additional line added to your service, you can expect to pay a rental fee.




Mobile Phone Numbers

The smartphone has become a more viable option for entrepreneurs as the population increasingly relies on them. The mobile phone system is based on nine-digit numbers starting with (4) that are automatically assigned to users when they sign up for the service.


Mobile phones are as common as landlines today. Contrary to fixed lines, mobile phones can be used at work as well as away from the office.


You cannot unplug from your mobile device at the end of the day when you use your personal number for business. A risk to your privacy lies in the use of your personal mobile number for business. Your business may also lose customers if your employees use their own mobile devices.

Mobile Cost

Calls made on mobile phones typically cost more than those made on landlines. Despite some mobile carriers offering free minutes, this could deter customers from contacting them for support or enquiries.




Virtual Phone Numbers

A business number that is used to receive calls from others in Australia is known as an inbound number. It is possible to get business phone numbers using a virtual number service without spending time and money on installation.

Your customers can call these numbers from any landline, mobile, or VoIP phone service you already have; allowing you to use a single business number while switching between them.

When compared to a home or mobile phone number, a business phone number lends your business more credibility.

1300 Phone Numbers

1300 numbers are known as ‘local call numbers’ because they can be accessed from any location in Australia at the same price as a local call. These numbers have a six-digit prefix starting with 1300.


Having a 1300 number will make your business look professional. If your business moves or relocates, you can still maintain your 1300 number since it is a virtual number.


It can be defying to call a 1300 number due to the low cost, especially if you’re calling for after-sales support or a question about your purchase.

1300 Number Cost

The caller and your business share the cost of calls made to 1300 numbers. Callers pay their carrier a fixed rate regardless of where they are located (usually a local rate). Call charges are based on the origin of the call, and you pay a low monthly service fee.




1800 Phone Numbers

A 1800 number is a free phone number that allows potential customers to contact your business for free. There are typically six more digits after the prefix 1800 on these numbers.


You can drive more enquiries and sales by allowing customers and prospects to call you free of charge. In addition to offering flexibility in handling calls, 1800 numbers present your business brand as established and professional.


It may be more expensive to use this type of inbound number than to use a 1300 number. Small businesses and startups may prefer to share phone costs with their customers due to a limited budget for phone services.

1800 Number Cost

Your business is responsible for all charges associated with 1800 numbers. Fixed line phones in Australia can make free calls. There are also a number of mobile carriers that offer subscribers free calls to 1800 numbers. Calls originate from different locations and are charged according to the origin.




13 Phone Numbers

Like local numbers, 13 numbers can also be called by your customers at local rates. There is, however, a significant difference between these numbers and a 1300 or 1800 number. Only four digits follow the prefix 13 on these highly sought-after numbers.


They are easier to remember because they are shorter than a landline, mobile, or even a 1300 or 1800 number. In highly competitive industries, 13 numbers are highly recommended as delivery or support numbers.


The price of a 13-digit number will be determined by how memorable it is. Higher prices are associated with easier patterns to remember. The most desirable 13 numbers are generally available to more established businesses with more money to spend.

13 Number Cost

Your business and the caller share the cost of 13 number calls. In contrast, your business pays a monthly service charge with individual call charges, while your customers pay a rate determined by their carriers (normally the cost of a local call). A government surcharge of $7980 is added to 13 numbers as well.





Business phone numbers are characterized by phonewords and patterns and are referred to as Smartnumbers. A number specialist can assist you in purchasing the rights of use for these numbers directly.


The use of a patterned number while advertising your phone number will help establish your brand recognition.


A Smartnumber’s cost is determined by how memorable it is. Term availability and prices can be extremely high for extremely popular terms. Consider getting its counterpart in 1300 or 1800 if your desired phoneword or pattern is already taken. Combining words and numbers may be your best option if all else fails

Smartnumbers Cost

Smartnumber prices start at $250, including a small registration fee. Your Smartnumber can only be activated once you have selected a provider and signed up for a number plan.




How Do You Choose the Right Business Phone Number for Your Business?

There are many more features associated with virtual phone numbers than with landlines and mobile numbers in terms of functionality. Choosing 13, 1300, and 1800 numbers gives your business and number the flexibility and scalability they need to grow together. You can choose the best number for your business by keeping your current and future needs in mind.

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