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4 Telemarketing Tricks To Drive New Clients To Your Business

New clients are a constant concern for any business. The formula for transforming people who’ve never heard of your brand into dedicated, loyal customers is the holy grail of marketing, but unfortunately there is no guaranteed approach. 


What there is a wealth of knowledge around what makes one approach more effective than another. In this blog, Oracle CMS ticks off the four things you should know about creating new business for your organisation via telemarketing, helping you grow your company the right way. 


Know who your customers are


The best telemarketing services start creating the conditions before success before they even pick up the phone. In depth knowledge of who your customers are, what they’re looking for, what their pain points are and how your products and services can address them allow you to better meet the needs of prospective new clients in the moment. This takes a well-trained and constantly educated team but is arguably the foundation on which all successful telemarketing strategies rest. 


Tailor the customer experience 


While every business strives to offer a good customer experience, fewer can meaningfully define what this is. The fact is that what makes a good customer experience is governed by the second and most important word in that phrase – the customer. One person’s detailed and sufficiently informative service will come off as overly long and full of waffle, so how do you do it? Simply put, you offer a diversity of experiences, tailored to the individual needs of each customer. Through the use of tools such as virtual phone numbers and topic-specific landing pages, telemarketers can more accurately forecast what an individual caller will be looking for before they even pick up the phone, helping them greet a customer with the right tone, approach and offering from the first seconds of the call. 


Don’t cold call – warm call 


Cold calling is often thought of as a dirty word by overly conservative managers, but with the right preparation and strategy, approaching potential customers off your own bat can be a successful and essential part of new client acquisition. Key to it is ensuring that you understand step one – know who your customers are – to its absolute fullest. No one likes being called at an inopportune time by a business they’ve never heard of offering products or services they’ll never use, so key to a successful cold call is going after the right people at the right time with the right offering. 


Like we’ve said before, do your research and pick your target – digital marketing allows you to passively educate and prime potential customers for discussion, serving them blogs, ads and other materials that help them get familiar with your product offering. The result is a call that’s less likely to end in a few seconds and a customer who’s at least somewhat engaged in what your brand does. 


Build the right team 


Success in telemarketing all comes down to people. In an industry that relies on human connections, building a team that can quickly create strong relationships with people is absolutely essential. 


If you’re looking for a way to guarantee that you’re working with the right people in your telemarketing operation, consider partnering with Oracle CMS. With years of experience providing telemarketing services to businesses of every size, you can rely on us to help drive your business’ growth. 


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